Versatile Blogger Award

I’m so pleased that I’ve been nominated for another award; it’s great to have a bit of recognition. I was nominated by the lovely loveandlipstick so check out her awesome blog here if you’re interested in all things beauty:


The aim is to nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know with a comment. Then display the award certificate on your blog.

announce your win with a post and post 7 interesting things about yourself…..that’s the tricky bit…

1. I am an aspiring fashion journalist and/or stylist

2. My dream would be to model if I could be anything but I don;t think it’s ever going to happen!

3. My middle name is Hope (people say that’s interesting but it’s just my name :p ) 

4. I’d love to live in Paris at some point 

5. I’ve never been outside of Europe 

6. I’m 5’9” (not sure if that’s particularly interesting but it is quite tall for a girl) 

7. I flew a glider plane before and it was pretty darn cool 

Well, those were sufficiently uninteresting but I’m not feeling too inspired this morning.  

Here are my nominees:


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